Oh I am so excited for this.
We are known for our soups, everyone Loves our soups. Well now….. You can have our Chicken Noodle Soup in your kitchen cupboard!! Yes, you read that correctly. Our Chef’s Tom & Jeremiah have been working to perfect this and THEY HAVE so we are now selling chicken noodle soup in a jar! All you need to do is add chicken, water, cook and serve! So easy and a great gift for a neighbor or someone who doesn’t want to leave the house often. Only $10
The Next thing we are announcing is a SOUP CLUB!!!!!!
Grab your girlfriends and come on in! With our soup club the initial purchase is $15… you get a beautiful jar filled with soup and a sweet treat. Bring your jar back in when you are ready for a refill and refill it for only $13. But the best part! After 8 refills you receive a FREE refill of soup!!!!
Just in time for winter! Great Gift Ideas and can really be a great meal for those who want to bunker down for winter.
Stop on in today and grab 1, 2 or 10!